Individual strengthening and balance on a mental level

Our bodies face challenges every day due to our modern lifestyles. Our minds know these challenges, the situations that require special attention. Situations that we find stressful or troublesome, for example, situations that can even paralyze us or throw us off track. Then we feel anything but strong, focused, happy and in control. Rather we feel weak, unfocused, sad and off balance. So having a strong and balanced body and mind really is good for us.


Developed by therapists: BeoKeys 

The Beosigner® looks after the body with its basic application. For the mind, there are four different BeoKeys: Power, Joy, Stability and Focus. They can help you to feel better and mentally strong again. Why these for specifically? Professional therapists' many years of experience have gone into creating the BeoKeys, and we've used this experience to program valuable and finely coordinated information into them. Together with the Beosigner®, the BeoPark and the BeoTapes, they form our Beosigner® concept.

We chose the names of the BeoKeys deliberately. Reach inside yourself to work out what would really do you good mentally right in this moment or take a look at the questionnaire we developed (you can get it from your Vitarights consultant). Sometimes it can be hard to clearly express how you are feeling. The questionnaire will help you decide which BeoKey you need right now. And then you can give yourself the Power you need. Joy. Stability. Or Focus. 

BeoKey Power

For full batteries

Use BeoKey Power like a lightning rod to buffer stressful stimuli. You will become more mindful of stressful situations and can build a protective wall against the feeling of being overwhelmed. Catch stressful times by optimizing relevant metabolic functions. This enables you to regenerate more quickly, gain more confidence in yourself and reduce the fear of failure. 

The result: You tackle the challenges of your everyday life with charged batteries.

A. C. about her life in the last 6 years: “Every day was a struggle. Shopping, cooking and general housework were very, very exhausting for me. There were days when I again and again had to cope with negative thoughts... But even on the second day with the BeoKey Power, I somehow felt fitter and I noticed that I was in a much better mood. From the third day onwards, I added the BeoKey Focus at lunchtime. From then on, I felt a lot better every day and after a week I had no more bad thoughts. Nothing has ever thrown me off track so quickly again. Before, if everything didn‘t go according to plan, I spent the rest of the day on the sofa. I feel much better, fitter and am starting to regain

my quality of life again.”

A. C.

User voice

BeoKey Joy

For more joy and drive 

Gloom, dejection, or sadness? Bad for mind and body - so promote your zest for life. Trust the BeoKey Joy to act like a smile. Perceiving positive aspects helps to develop visions for life. By doing this, you realize what regained health can mean for you. This attitude influences your well-being, and you enjoy more self-worth and self-determination. 

The result: You start each day with joy and zest for life.

“Today I used the BeoKey Joy – and now when I review the day, I realize: I laughed more today than I have in a long time. The effect is overwhelming. I can only recommend it to everyone to bring more joy back into their lives.”

C. E.

User Voice

BeoKey Stability

For mental balance and sovereignty

Balance important components of the autonomic control system with the BeoKey Stability. This way you can enjoy inner peace and soothing relaxation. The improved feeling of being alive can also have a positive effect on disorders where there is a known close connection between the mind and the body. Walk through your life upright again, with firm convictions, calm and self-confident.

The essence: the BeoKey Stability – a supporting pillar four your positive attitude of life.

“Stability is my favourite key. When I start to plan the day and think about what I have to do, how to get everything organized, then I take the Stability key and I am so balanced and everything falls into place by itself. It’s my absolute favorite since it literally clarifies and grounds so much."

A. K.

User voice

BeoKey Focus

For more concentration

Face possible difficulties in a more concentrated, organized, and calm way. The pure formation of amino acids is important for brain metabolism and the mind, among other things. When problems appear more transparent, harmony and zest for life emerge. Those who are less distracted, restless, or agitated become more decisive, dynamic, and efficient. Think of BeoKey Focus as a magnifying glass for these processes. 

The impact: you focus on the essential points in your life. 

“My life was anything but easy. Being seen as the black sheep of the family and feeling like I wasn‘t doing anything right, being a single parent with three very active children, made me feel constantly drained, exhausted and under pressure. Always on the lookout for new failures. Since using the BeoKeys Stability and Focus once or twice a day, I am calm. My fear of failure has become less. I concentrate on my day step by step. Every day, I notice more and more how my body relaxes and lets go. It gives me power and joy.”

J. D.

User voice

Using the Beosigner® with the BeoKeys

The Beokeys are specially developed inserts for use in the Beosigner®. Insertion, replacement, and use are very simple. We explain exactly how to do this on the page Using BeoKeys.

Tip: You can also use several BeoKeys one after the other. Simply decide depending on the situation. Or develop your own, personal Beosigner® ritual: a defined sequence of Beosigner® and BeoKeys that will soon become a regular habit. This is one way to do something good for yourself as a preventative measure. 





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Lesen Sie hier einen Auszug aus der

Untersuchung von Hagalis. Es geht um Wasser, Qualität, Elektrosmog und die Bioverfügbarkeit von Mineralien.

Eine Untersuchung des Instituts Hagalis belegt, dass durch die Vitalisierung die Ordnungsqualität des Wassers signifikant zunimmt. Die Untersuchung kommt zu dem Schluss: „Die Kristallisation in dieser Untersuchung ist recht regelmäßig ausgebildet und zeigt eine vollflächige Verteilung im Bildbereich. Während bei der Neutralprobe eine starke Konzentration im Randbereich des Bildes von 90° Winkelstrukturen und verdichteten Kristallen wahrzunehmen war, ist bei der hier untersuchten Probe eine wesentlich regelmäßigere Verteilung zu erkennen, die keinerlei Verdichtungszonen in größerem Maße aufweist. Erstaunlicherweise sind die 90° Winkelstrukturen und vor allem die Gitterstrukturen im Randbereich nicht mehr in dem Maße vorhanden, so dass davon ausgegangen werden kann, dass die Probe kaum mehr eine Elektrosmogbelastung aufweist. Offensichtlich ist es durch das Verfahren gelungen, die verschiedenen negativen Einflüsse von der elektromagnetischen Strahlung weitgehend zu neutralisieren und die Probe zu regenerieren. […] In jedem Falle ist aber auch die Bioverfügbarkeit der Mineralien gestiegen, die in diesem Falle durch eine größere Oberflächenbildung für den Verbraucher vorteilhaft erscheint. Mineralien, die eine gute Löslichkeit aufweisen und eine hohe Oberflächenbildung haben, können vom menschlichen Stoffwechsel wesentlich besser resorbiert und in den Organismus eingebaut werden. Dies bedeutet, dass das Wasser in jedem Falle sich regenerieren konnte und in seiner Eigenschaft als Nahrungsmittel eher geeignet ist, als die Neutralprobe.“

Institut Hagalis AG: Kristallanalyse, Vergleichsstudie: Wasserqualität. Überlingen 1.10.2002. Zum Wasser als Informationsträger vgl. Ludwig, Wolfgang, Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen: Wasser und Homöopathie. Die Bedeutung der Wasserstruktur als Träger von Informationen. Eine Forschungsbasis für die Homöopathie. Großheubach 2002. Kröplin, Bernd, Henschel, Regine C.: Die Geheimnisse des Wassers: Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung. Aarau 2016.