More exercise for more vitality?

The principle is quite straightforward – exercise is healthy and good for you. We have all read, seen, or heard that a thousand times. We also know that it doesn’t have to be a high-performance sport – movement is the key word. So, for example, a brisk walk. Many of us simply lack the energy to do even that. Our everyday life is full of appointments, thoughts, small and big challenges. Sometimes we manage them well, sometimes not. Then the very idea of having to do an extra task - sport - leaves us paralyzed. Because that's exactly what sport or exercise would then feel like: like something we have to do, like stress; not fun, not something good.

More vitality for more exercise

That's right, we simply turn the tables. First the necessary vitality, then the movement. Imagine feeling more energy simply at the touch of a button. You would have a device that you could apply externally. One which is so small and handy that you could take it anywhere. One that would do its job in seconds. A device that could only be used in one way: the right way.

Our Beosigner®

With the Beosigner® you can increase your physical performance, among other things. But not just that. It also works on a spiritual and emotional level. All three levels are important if you want to exercise. The technology of the Beosigner® is based on quantum physics. It establishes a direct connection between the concentration of biophotons, their coherence, their information content and the living cells and their energy. The formula is therefore: more biophotons with the right information = more power. And that also applies to exercise and sport. Sport has many positive effects on you, physically and mentally. You become stronger and more resilient, strengthen your immune system, and become more serene - to name just a few of these effects. Support yourself in this by using the help of the Beosigner®. For more joy from exercise and more joy in life.

The Beosigner® and the study on athletes

Curious to find out more? We were too! That's why we commissioned a study in 2018. This study was conducted by the Institute for Sports Science and Health Management (ISGM, Meppen), in cooperation with the Institute for Sleep Medicine and Interdisciplinary Sleep Research (ISIS, Münster). The effects of the Beosigner® on autonomic regulation and regeneration were investigated.

The result

The results clearly confirm the hypothesis. The data shows, among other things, an improvement in regeneration, recognizable by:

  • significant improvement in vital signs, stress response.
  • A significant increase in the phase angle. This is considered a barometer for vitality and the ability of cells to regenerate.
  • A significantly improved heart rate variability (HRV; an indicator of regeneration and relaxation).
  • A personal assessment of general well-being.

Take a look at the summary of the study*. Study leaders Dr. Gerd Rosenberg and Dr. N. Kröhnoff have more exciting insights in store for you. Simply click on the PDF file that we have provided here.

*These testimonials were conducted in 2020 with the High Tech Vitalizer, the precursor to the Beosigner®. All results and experiences can be transferred 1:1 to the Beosigner®. The Beosigner® offers an additional comprehensive concept, but the biophoton technology is fundamentally the same in both devices.


Experiences of athletes

*These testimonials were conducted in 2020 with the High Tech Vitalizer, the precursor to the Beosigner®. All results and experiences can be transferred 1:1 to the Beosigner®. The Beosigner® offers an additional comprehensive concept, but the biophoton technology is fundamentally the same in both devices.


"I would like to briefly introduce you to a special point for running performance, the M36 point. It is below the knee. [...] And it helps me personally a lot to get load-bearing faster before intense training sessions or competitions and then have an added value in terms of my performance."

Harald Lemmerer

Biathlet with the ÖSV





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Lesen Sie hier einen Auszug aus der

Untersuchung von Hagalis. Es geht um Wasser, Qualität, Elektrosmog und die Bioverfügbarkeit von Mineralien.

Eine Untersuchung des Instituts Hagalis belegt, dass durch die Vitalisierung die Ordnungsqualität des Wassers signifikant zunimmt. Die Untersuchung kommt zu dem Schluss: „Die Kristallisation in dieser Untersuchung ist recht regelmäßig ausgebildet und zeigt eine vollflächige Verteilung im Bildbereich. Während bei der Neutralprobe eine starke Konzentration im Randbereich des Bildes von 90° Winkelstrukturen und verdichteten Kristallen wahrzunehmen war, ist bei der hier untersuchten Probe eine wesentlich regelmäßigere Verteilung zu erkennen, die keinerlei Verdichtungszonen in größerem Maße aufweist. Erstaunlicherweise sind die 90° Winkelstrukturen und vor allem die Gitterstrukturen im Randbereich nicht mehr in dem Maße vorhanden, so dass davon ausgegangen werden kann, dass die Probe kaum mehr eine Elektrosmogbelastung aufweist. Offensichtlich ist es durch das Verfahren gelungen, die verschiedenen negativen Einflüsse von der elektromagnetischen Strahlung weitgehend zu neutralisieren und die Probe zu regenerieren. […] In jedem Falle ist aber auch die Bioverfügbarkeit der Mineralien gestiegen, die in diesem Falle durch eine größere Oberflächenbildung für den Verbraucher vorteilhaft erscheint. Mineralien, die eine gute Löslichkeit aufweisen und eine hohe Oberflächenbildung haben, können vom menschlichen Stoffwechsel wesentlich besser resorbiert und in den Organismus eingebaut werden. Dies bedeutet, dass das Wasser in jedem Falle sich regenerieren konnte und in seiner Eigenschaft als Nahrungsmittel eher geeignet ist, als die Neutralprobe.“

Institut Hagalis AG: Kristallanalyse, Vergleichsstudie: Wasserqualität. Überlingen 1.10.2002. Zum Wasser als Informationsträger vgl. Ludwig, Wolfgang, Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen: Wasser und Homöopathie. Die Bedeutung der Wasserstruktur als Träger von Informationen. Eine Forschungsbasis für die Homöopathie. Großheubach 2002. Kröplin, Bernd, Henschel, Regine C.: Die Geheimnisse des Wassers: Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung. Aarau 2016.