Food - delicious and full of nutrients?

Food. There's such a variety of it, and it's good for us.

Our daily diet includes water as well as the actual food we eat. Both is important and contains minerals and nutrients. What we eat and drink nourishes us. Makes our body working in a way that we feel well. Here, the quality of food plays a vital role – and this quality is not always sufficient. This is often due to the use of pesticides (e.g., plant protection products), exposure to nitrates, genetically modified plants or even pathogens. The more sensitive a person is, the more likely they are to react to negative influences - from low-quality food, cosmetics, or medicines. Possible consequences include intolerances, allergies, digestive problems, or nutrient deficiencies. So, what should we do?

Biophotons for more availability

As soon as we eat, our metabolism kicks in. Absorbed substances are built up, converted or broken down in the body into various products. This works best when the substances are readily available: how quickly can they be absorbed into the bloodstream and to what extent? This availability is called bioavailability. And it can be increased through biophotons.

Every organism produces biophotons, i.e., light energy. Their high information content reorganizes cells, or to be more precise: it returns the cells to their ideal state. This is possible because biophotons are coherent light, i.e., light with a high degree of order (read an explanation of coherent light here).

If an organism is exposed to harmful influences (such as those described above), disorder develops and energy decreases. In science, this is also referred to as chaos or entropy.

We increase order and energy by increasing the concentration of biophotons and relevant information. The physicist and Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger said: "Man is not a car. We don't fill up with just any fuel, we fill up with 'order'." [1]

This is exactly why we have developed the Beosigner®. With its help, the production of biophotons is triggered and vitalizing information reaches the cells of organic tissues. So, for example, from food. Current studies about the Beosigner® prove this.

  • Food contains biophotons.
  • Biophotons are important for the bioavailability of nutrients in foods.
  • Harmful influences can reduce the number of biophotons. They can also distort cell information.
  • This increases the risk of reacting negatively to these foods when they are consumed and thus weakening the body.
  • The Beosigner® stimulates the production of biophotons in food and sends relevant information into their cells.
  • Food thus becomes of higher quality and does what it is supposed to do: nourish you.

[1] Popp, Fritz-Albert: Die Botschaft der Nahrung. Frankfurt Main 1999.

More order in food for more order in life

The order we are talking about can be made visible in the laboratory. The Swiss laboratory LifevisionLab, a research laboratory* for holistic food quality, compared samples of a cucumber with each other (cucumber from the discount store, conventional farming). One sample was vitalized with the Beosigner® (right picture), while the other was not (left picture).

The pictures clearly speak for themselves, and the lab comments: "The results are significantly better than those of the untreated cucumber due to the vitalization. You can plainly observe that the images of the vitalized cucumber show many more organic formations and less chaos."

*The Swiss laboratory LifevisionLab conducted this investigation in 2020 using the High Tech Vitalizer, the precursor to the Beosigner®. However, all results can be transferred 1:1 to the Beosigner®, because the Beosigner® is just a new name for a modernized product design with the same, proven, and state-of-the-art technology.

More vital food at the touch of a button.

It's no secret: with the Beosigner® we use the principle of biophoton technology and make use of findings from quantum physics. So, it's about contemporary science.

Beosigner®: very easy handling 

By observing the following points, you can vitalize your food, cosmetics, or

medicines. Literally at the push of a button. Treat

  • dry food for at least 60 seconds,
  • water for at least 15 to 30 seconds,
  • drinks for at least 60 seconds,
  • cosmetics for at least 60 seconds and
  • medications for at least 120 seconds

with the Beosigner®. Are you already convinced, but wonder whether the Beosigner® has an effect on the taste? Yes, it can. Many Beosigner® users have reported to us that the food tasted even better to them after vitalization. Another piece of good news, we think. Don't you agree?





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Lesen Sie hier einen Auszug aus der

Untersuchung von Hagalis. Es geht um Wasser, Qualität, Elektrosmog und die Bioverfügbarkeit von Mineralien.

Eine Untersuchung des Instituts Hagalis belegt, dass durch die Vitalisierung die Ordnungsqualität des Wassers signifikant zunimmt. Die Untersuchung kommt zu dem Schluss: „Die Kristallisation in dieser Untersuchung ist recht regelmäßig ausgebildet und zeigt eine vollflächige Verteilung im Bildbereich. Während bei der Neutralprobe eine starke Konzentration im Randbereich des Bildes von 90° Winkelstrukturen und verdichteten Kristallen wahrzunehmen war, ist bei der hier untersuchten Probe eine wesentlich regelmäßigere Verteilung zu erkennen, die keinerlei Verdichtungszonen in größerem Maße aufweist. Erstaunlicherweise sind die 90° Winkelstrukturen und vor allem die Gitterstrukturen im Randbereich nicht mehr in dem Maße vorhanden, so dass davon ausgegangen werden kann, dass die Probe kaum mehr eine Elektrosmogbelastung aufweist. Offensichtlich ist es durch das Verfahren gelungen, die verschiedenen negativen Einflüsse von der elektromagnetischen Strahlung weitgehend zu neutralisieren und die Probe zu regenerieren. […] In jedem Falle ist aber auch die Bioverfügbarkeit der Mineralien gestiegen, die in diesem Falle durch eine größere Oberflächenbildung für den Verbraucher vorteilhaft erscheint. Mineralien, die eine gute Löslichkeit aufweisen und eine hohe Oberflächenbildung haben, können vom menschlichen Stoffwechsel wesentlich besser resorbiert und in den Organismus eingebaut werden. Dies bedeutet, dass das Wasser in jedem Falle sich regenerieren konnte und in seiner Eigenschaft als Nahrungsmittel eher geeignet ist, als die Neutralprobe.“

Institut Hagalis AG: Kristallanalyse, Vergleichsstudie: Wasserqualität. Überlingen 1.10.2002. Zum Wasser als Informationsträger vgl. Ludwig, Wolfgang, Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen: Wasser und Homöopathie. Die Bedeutung der Wasserstruktur als Träger von Informationen. Eine Forschungsbasis für die Homöopathie. Großheubach 2002. Kröplin, Bernd, Henschel, Regine C.: Die Geheimnisse des Wassers: Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung. Aarau 2016.